Talk is easy. Communication and high-performance visual transmission are much less so.

At AVICOM, we appreciate that business and high-end technology are ultimately about people and their need for professional products, including special engineering solutions.

Established in 1982, AVICOM quickly became an official supplier of SONY professional & broadcast video products, PANASONIC high-end industrial cameras & recorders, SENNHEISER Pro Audio wireless systems, and INDUCOM special audio communications products.

In 1969, we delivered the first available monochrome camera and ½” open-reel SONY recorder system combination to the NILOS sports department of the University of Ghent.

As an official supplier of all leading video and audio brands, AVICOM has developed many ‘classical image’ and STEREOSCOPIC (3D) Viewing engineering concepts for nuclear, medical and industrial applications, including optical control sets, special filters, prisms and housings.

We co-operate with the technical departments of the University of Ghent and other international institutes and specialty optics laboratories, on research and specific challenges.

AVICOM was recognised with an award for ‘Innovative Technology – Industrial 3D Concept’ at Flanders Technology 1987, presented by His Majesty King Baudouin at our exhibition booth.

With our know-how and knowledge of on-ear broadcasting technology, AVICOM was the technical realiser of the first broadcasting emissions for regional television station AVS in Belgium, in October 1988. This event was an innovative technical achievement at the time. Our professional mobile studio equipment was activated on-site from transportation cases for the weekly broadcasts, and operated by the entire Avicom crew of technicians.

Since our beginnings, we have realised some +/- 2.500 special applications, engineering assignments and consultancy projects, for nuclear plants, the military (SHAPE), industry, broadcast stations (VTM, RTBF, RTL-TVI) and Live Surgery Events.

Using this same technical knowledge of high-end products and broadcast technology, we advise and supply technical equipment for our industrial and medical customers to meet their specific requirements.

Today, we use the same slogan we began with, all those years ago: ‘PROFESSIONALISM IS AN ATTITUDE’. Nothing more, nothing less.

Eddy DRAPPIER – Video Engineer.
Founder and owner of AVICOM Imagineering.