Product overview

AVICOM bvba is one of the few camera independent suppliers of video and security equipment on the European market.

The company develops, constructs, manufactures and installs complete video, security and image processing systems for all conceivable applications:

Medical, steel industry, glass production, cement processing, power stations, petrochemical industry, waste recycling, public services, transport of people and freight, logistics and transportation companies, energy suppliers, police, army etc.

AVICOM bvba relies on a wide range of professional CCTV’s, including cameras for hazarious enviroments. In our selection you will only find the best of the offer of some of the top brands. So at AVICOM we offer only quality.

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Industrial use Professional use

High Temperature Hazardious Environments

Avicom imagineering SONY imagineering Customized Applications

AVICOM Imagineering HD SONY Medicare HD Live Surgery & events

Design Engineering In Co-operation with University Ghent

HF Transmission Fiber Optics IR

Heat absorbing glass Conversion Polarisation Infrared Ultraviolet UV-IR

Retracting Housings Water Cooled Housings Air Cooled Housings Hazardious Housings Pan-tilts